Vision and mission

We work with people we enjoy working with
Our areas of business are serious and hard core. It can easily be a matter of life and death. We must be be completely professional about our products, safety and timeliness. Our working environment however needs to be informal and enjoyable, fun between us and our partners. We must love what we do, in order to sustain, to grow and to be professional.

We apply solutions, that we believe are of benefit to the patients and the doctors
We spend hours and hours with doctors, and patients, in order to understand what needs they have. Then we start working on whether a solution is viable and achievable. This is our base. Far from all ideas become products and solutions, so it is our experience and network that enable us to focus on the right initiatives and carry them through. Our logo is a symbol of the patient, the doctor and us – people – bringing this together.

We are agile, networked and reachable
We should be empowered to make decisions faster, through professionalism and trust in ourselves as well as our partners. We work on solving the partner issues fast, in order to ensure a flow in our businesses. Without flow, no business and little fun…

Søren Anker Nielsen

CEO & Founder

Agern Alle 24, DK 2970 Horsholm

Richard H. Poulsen

CSO - Nordic

Agern Alle 24, DK 2970 Horsholm

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We are based at the DTU Science Park near Copenhagen, Denmark, and at the Research park in Oslo, Norway, and are working internationally for the best possible solutions.